want to sell my condo on my own without a realtor

What do I need to do?  Is it mainly sharing closing costs with the buyer?

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What can I do for a realtor to approve my rental application with bad credit?

I am active duty in the Navy and transferring to Nashville, TN.  I have been looking at several homes and have already been turned down due to my credit.  I’m getting really nervous because we are due to move in 2 weeks and still aren’t any closer in finding a home to rent.  What can I do to get a realtor to just give me a chance?

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Judge Dismisses Home Inspector's Suit | Realtor Magazine

A judge dismissed a lawsuit that was filed by a home inspector who accused a real estate agent of calling him a “total idiot” in an e-mail sent to more than 400 other real estate professionals. Home inspector Matthew 

Buyer found my house without realtor. Now realtor is suing us for commission.

Heres a quick timeline:

Had open house.  Buyer showed up alone.  Liked house. They found house via yard signs and ad in paper.
Hours later, a realtor shows up. Says he has a client who is interested but won’t show us offer UNLESS we sign him a dual agent. We refuse.  He relents. He leaves. Tells us it was the couple who visited earlier. We never sign anything.

He later apologizes, and says it was a silly mistake. We dont’ have to sign him as a dual agent. We never sign anything. Presents offer stating he is under contract with buyer.
We counter offer. They counter offer. And I realize.. the buyers do NOT have a contract with this realtor at all. WE NEVER SIGN ANYTHING.

Buyers drop agent. As a FSBO we deal directly with buyer and come to an agreement.

Two weeks later, this agent sues us for 6% commission.

We never signed anything with this agent. Nor have the buyers.  AND the buyers found the house on their own.  

Who wins this case?

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How Sellers Can Save With Prelisting Inspections | Realtor Magazine

As such, some sellers are taking the precautionary step of having an inspection done before listing the home for sale. Some real estate professionals say that having a home inspection prior to listing can offer several benefits 

Home listed with realtor. If I take it off market can I sell it by owner?

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Is it customary for a realtor to give a thank you gift to the seller?

We recently sold and closed on a $1M+ home and were surprised that our selling agent did not acknowledge it in any way after closing.  This was our 5th home sale throughout the years and we have always received, at minimum, a thank you note for entrusting them with the sale and hoping we will provide referrals to a gift basket, to a several hundred dollar gift card to a nice restaurant.  We weren’t expecting anything extravagant; however, the lack of any thank you or acknowledgement for a healthy commission felt rude and disrespectful and significantly lowered our opinion of this agent.  So we’re wondering if it is customary for realtors to send a thank you or have times changed? 

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How do we talk to realtor with zillo?

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Scary Home Inspections : Kay Pratt Realtor

When purchasing a home here in central Oklahoma, it is imperative as a buyer that you have a home inspection performed by a qualified and licensed home inspector. Normally purchasing a home is the largest single 

How does a realtor sign in?…pdolmstead@msn.com

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