A week ago, Daphne, my little niece came to me and said that her science teacher told them that carpet could be recycled.

– No it can not be recycled, I replied mindlessly . It could be possible to reuse it, but surely not possible to be recycled.

As she didn’t stop arguing against me and even added that carpet recyclers had their own association in U.S.A.. I decided to go on Google and checked for it. Well, the little girl was incredibly right. I learned about a carpet recyclers association. As I was keeping on searching, I found that there is even a construction waste recycler in my area that handle such items. I found out Recymobilier and Recyconstruction in my neighborhood : they recycle almost every  furniture, appliances, electronic material and construction waste. I had a conversation with an environment specialist, Andre, and he was showing to me about all the material that are possible to recycle as of today.

– Carpet is taken for its plastic content, it could either end up making new carpet or almost anything else made of plastic.
– Wood waste are carried to an electrical factory, who use wood to make power. It is a smoke-free fermentation process that has no impact on global warming.
– Drywall are going through machines and transformed into powder, paper and paint are removed, and the remaining gypsum can serve in agriculture or be used to make new gypsum drywall.

And it goes on and on to all variety of material. I found it incredibly amazing to realize that we are standing there. To those expecting to make money by selling their old couch or carpet, It is important to add that there is a fee to recycle that type of material.

– We used to work only in the business of electronic waste recycling a ago. However, since at some point we were exclusively recycling the items that we were taking since there was no value to sell it,  we started to put a fee to some items that cost more to recycle than to send to landfill. When we understood that most people were interested in making a difference for the earth and were were OK with paying a little fee to cover the handling of the products, we decided to add other recycling services that couldn’t be sustainable by their recyclable content to give an alternative choice to landfill.

– Luckily, those services received an exceptional feedback, as it came to the market when people and businesses started to realize about their footprint on the environment, personally or on a business level. Businesses and building managers are more than aware of the green movement, reason why more and more building managers are competing to be LEED certified.