Selling your Home? You know of course that before your sale closes your buyer is going to conduct their own home inspection.  Let Capstone review your home through the eyes of a professional and identify potential issues early.  Your Professional Real Estate Representative will advise you on pricing, curb appeal and pre-sale decorating etc.  Capstone will inspect for those potentially hidden items that can so jeopardize your sale during final negotiations.

Why have a Capstone Inspection? It only makes sense to attempt to identify major and minor imperfections ahead of time so you may know in advance.  You will then have time so you can make necessary corrections personally, by a handyman, by a contractor, or perhaps not at all. There are potentially great savings by making repairs or taking bid estimates early opposed at the last minute during crucial real estate negotiations in this Buyers’ Market Share your copy with your potential buyers along with receipts as proof of correction.

Please keep in mind that no two home inspectors and no two reporting systems are the same nor are inspection reports, even when performed on the same property at the same time or different times. This pre-listing inspection report is performed for you my client, the home seller.  It assumes full disclosure on the part of you my client/home seller. You may choose to share the report with others, but please remember the inspection has been done for you. Capstone performs all inspections and creates all reports objectively without regard to the client’s personal interests, additional inspections, which of course would reveal and report matters differently, should be considered.


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