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List of Foreclosed Properties Priorities Checking out the Chinese Drywall

When choosing houses through a list of foreclosed properties for sale, consider the minimum details to not be surprised Insurers in Florida, for example, may not cover houses damaged by Chinese Drywall, so check it out before the purchase

Deal Killers The Best Kept Secret in Real Estate

A look at the highly debated fact of many real estate agents not referring the best home inspectors in their respective areas

The Home Inspection Period

The inspection period is a negotiated time frame in which buyers have the opportunity to conduct their due-diligence on the property The purpose is to give the buyers a ‘free look’, so to speak If the buyers don’t like what they see, they can re-negotiate the terms of the contract, or cancel the contract altogether

Pre Listing Home Inspections Give Sellers an Edge in Competitive Market

A look at how a pre list or pre sale home inspection can help sellers sell their home more quickly and with less hassle

7 External Areas To Check When You Are Viewing a House

When viewing a house, many people concentrate on aspects such as room sizes and interior features, and entirely forget to check the external areas

Home Inspection Can You Do It On Your Own

Inspecting the house before purchasing it, is essential to know the work the house needs The result of the inspection can be used for negotiating as well This will help the buyer identify if the property is overpriced or not This also helps them to decide whether to continue the purchase or not

Foreclosures Homes Inspection Checklist

Buying foreclosures homes is a major investment move Protect your investment by performing a thorough home inspection

Don t Worry the Home Warranty will Cover That

There are pros out there that look after their clients’ interest time after time and day after day There are also those that discount the professional Inspectors findings with ‘Don’t worry about that, the Home Warranty will cover it’ Some will even say ‘A day or two after you move in ‘ Really?

Is That Home Inspector Hiding Behind His Contract

Many home inspectors dramatically limit their liability in their inspection agreement Should you hire an inspector who won’t stand behind his work?

Home Inspections Do It Yourself

Home inspections are necessary whether you are buying a home or selling one You can opt to hire a professional or do the inspection yourself