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Does a 600 sq ft wolmonized deck make a house more sellable than a smaller deck?

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House has been on the market for 6 months-should I be worried


My house has been on the market since December and I have not received any offers yet. The price has been lowered three times already and I really don’t want to lower it again. My house has a lot of nice features such as a large yard, original woodwork, an outside deck, newer windows and recently installed central air (2012). However, it has a somewhat older floor plan (Victorian style) which some people don’t care for. On the whole, the feedback has been pretty good. Most people who have been to see it say that they like the house and find the price fair. The trouble is that none of the positive feedback has turned into a solid offer yet. Only a few people complained about the older-style floor plan and narrow steps, but frankly that cannot be changed.

 My question is, after 6 months, should I be worried? Or is it simply a matter of waiting for the right person “coming along”?  How much does D.O.M. or ‘days on the market’ really matter these days? Is it really so important?  Thanks for your answers.

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I need help with changing my map on a listing

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Can I as I buyer put contract on two properties at a time in New Jersey?

I intend to buy one of the two properties. But can I put the 2 properties under contract at one time?
I will get out of one depending on inspection results.

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How to post a NEW HOME listing on Zillow

I am a Builder and want to post homes under the new listing category. How do I do that?

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what doeit mean when a home has a quick sale contract

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My address is listed incorrectly on Zillow. What can I do to get it corrected?

It is 1A Hampshire Road, Framingham MA 01702 (single family home, built as an afterthought between #1 and #3), but Zillow lists it as 1 Hampshire Road #A, Framingham MA 01702, making it look like an apartment.  I’m getting ready to sell it.  Is there any way I can get this corrected?

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I have an active listing . . .why does your site list is as "not on market" ?

Address is 781 Thorndale, Akron, OH  
Price is $109,900 

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Can I list my brand new home?

I have just closed on my new home this past Thursday. My needs have completely changed. I couldn’t get out of the contract? Can I sell it? Is it possible to sell as soon as you buy?

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Want to Sell my Home

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