Buying a REO or Bank Owned Property? You need a Capstone Inspection!

Capstone congratulates you on the purchase of your new home!  With the largest number of foreclosed homes on the market today you are taking advantage of a truly unique situation.

However, please think about this. Who completed the “Real Estate Disclosure page?  In most cases it has been the Professional Real Estate Agent or Broker.  Absolutely he or she will conduct their own reasonably competent and diligent visual inspection of the property and complete the required disclosure paperwork.  Unfortunately, the prior owners who knew many of the homes strong points and inadequacies are long gone!

Why have a Capstone Inspection?   Be and feel comfortable knowing that a highly trained, experienced and professional inspector is conducting a very thorough inspection of your future home.  At the end of your inspection you will have a state of the art computer generated printout listing discovered minor and major imperfections and defects, providing potential home component life expectancies and suggested maintenance recommendations.

Most sellers have completed the required disclosure report to the best of their abilities and are often surprised at the findings at the conclusion of our inspection.  You and your Professional Real Estate Representative can then discuss the findings and decide on how best to address your inspection discoveries.