My house has been on the market since December and I have not received any offers yet. The price has been lowered three times already and I really don’t want to lower it again. My house has a lot of nice features such as a large yard, original woodwork, an outside deck, newer windows and recently installed central air (2012). However, it has a somewhat older floor plan (Victorian style) which some people don’t care for. On the whole, the feedback has been pretty good. Most people who have been to see it say that they like the house and find the price fair. The trouble is that none of the positive feedback has turned into a solid offer yet. Only a few people complained about the older-style floor plan and narrow steps, but frankly that cannot be changed.

 My question is, after 6 months, should I be worried? Or is it simply a matter of waiting for the right person “coming along”?  How much does D.O.M. or ‘days on the market’ really matter these days? Is it really so important?  Thanks for your answers.

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