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How much does buying Off the Grid effect value and pricing?

Should the fact that power is not an option affect the price? I’m looking at buying off the grid and the house is a fixer upper, needs some TLC. I feel the price is high considering there is no generator or solar currently and the value is in the land. Would it be unfair to offer well below list on a situation like this? 15-20% below?

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Wall charger and USB charger

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is zillo good or bad

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Well-Sourced: Key Documents Show Results Of Hospital …

Are you making good use of hospital and nursing home inspection records in your reporting? If not, a few key database resources can help get you…

sellers market- do we negotiate or stand firm on price?

We listed our home going with our realtor’s advised listing price, and we have an offer on the first weekend, 3rd day on the market, 10 showings so far.  However it is 20k below our asking price, no contingencies or seller’s closing costs.  I’ve also read a study that says agents will hold out longer and get 10% more when selling their own homes.   Advice? How low do we negotiate in a so called seller’s market?  Or should we just wait say 30 days before negotiating down?  

 [No generic responses or condescending lectures please, just respectful sound advice, the kind you give a friend/relative you actually like.]

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Open House Listing- For Sale by Owner


I wanted to advertise an open house on Zillow. When I go to the options to put in an open house, it asks for my Realtor credentials.  I do not have any. I am listing my house for sale by owner. How can I show an open house on my own?


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cancel listing by owner will be listed by agent

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orange county,ca

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How to Hire a Home Inspector

A home is a major investment and, for many people, the greatest financial asset they have. With so much at stake, it makes sense to do what you can to protect your financial interest. Getting a home inspection is a smart, …

New custom online video ad for David Fowler of Footers to …

New custom online video ad for David Fowler of Footers to Finishes Home Inspection Services Order your custom online video ad for your home inspection business.