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Why is it so hard to rent a good home after a foreclosure or bankruptcy.

Because nobody ever ask why we had to. It was not a choice we took lightly. And it was not something we planned. But it happened and now we are back on our feet. So why do we have to live in a dump, when we make decent money?

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Finding condos

How do I isolate “condo” in my search?

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HomePath loan?

Does any property qualify for homepath loan or only properties listed on the homepath website?

I understand that the homepath program will stop on October 6. What will I need to do to be able to get this loan program? just put an offer in on a house before October 6 or what?

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Do I need to be pre-qualified/pre-approved if I'm not a first time buyer?

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You and Your Home Inspection, What to Know… | Real …

You and Your Home Inspection, What to Know… The main purpose of a home inspection is to illustrate the overall health of the home and what repairs are needed. When it comes to having a home inspection done, the items …

Has anyone ever heard of Pre Property Solutions from Newport R.I.? Are they legit?

Just received a phone call from the owner of Pre Property Solutions about doing a “lease to purchase” deal as a seller.  I have never heard of this type of arrangement to sell a home nor this company.  Has anyone ever dealt with this company?  The owner of this company called me from the information I had placed on my Zillow ad.

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Editorial: Home inspection change welcome – Times Colonist

If the home inspector knows what he or she is doing. That underscores the importance of the move by the B.C. government to standardize the education and licensing of home inspectors. In 2009, B.C. took a step in the right …

I am interesteded in a property but credit sitation is not fallible right now.

How long does a property usually stay for usually an allotted amount of time?

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How do i find a 2 bedroom 1 bath house for rent n Lafayette, In. 47904

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Home Inspectors? | Guaranteed Rate

There are two perspectives and, depending on your transaction type (i.e., a sale or purchase), you'll want to get clear on the benefits of a home inspection: Buyers. When buying, if there are any issues that arise from the inspection the seller …