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how do I go about getting the value of a Mobile Home

want to sell quick in as is condition

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Does Fannie Mae charge a fee for each day the closing date is extended?

Our original closing date was June 10th. We’re on the fifth time extending the date. Fannie Mae owns the house we are trying to purchase. Do they charge a fee for us extending the date. If so, how much and is it from the original closing date? Does this fee need to be paid up front or is it added to our loan? Thank you!

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The Benefits Of A Pre-Listing Inspection On Your Home …

There are many benefits to having your home inspected by Atlantic Building Inspections before listing. With a pre-listing inspection your home could sell faster and for more money without any renegotiations because results of …

For Rent Scam

Owner of one of my For Sale listings contacted me about the below scam:  Let me know if there is a way to track who did this?
Thank you,
Mike Vizenor
REMAX Professionals

I had someone else contact me about a fake housing posting for our house. They said they saw it listed as “for rent” on zillow for $500 per month. They then sent a series of emails back and forth with someone claiming to be me ( or, I’m not sure which email) saying they were out of town and using an attorney to complete showings/paperwork for renting the property. Then of course asking for credit card information and a fee to process applications. She actually mailed a paper copy of the emails to the Cowern Pl address because she thought they were suspicious and wanted to let me know. The listing is no longer on zillow. I guess it’s just something to keep an eye on in case they pop another listing up later? Maybe we could add a line to the house listing for interested parties to be aware of a false listing?

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How building a church in the adjacent lot would affect the value of a property?

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July 26, 2014 – Musselman Custom Home Flooring & Home …

In addition Jon Musselman also owns Musselman Home Inspection, LLC. We sit down to talk with them this week about working as a family and the particulars of their trades and what customers need to know before their next …

Connecticut Approves Ten InterNACHI Free, Online …

State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Home Inspector Licensing Board has approved the following ten free, online courses for Home Inspector.