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Energy efficiency presents challenges to nation's utilities …

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I posted our home on Zillow this morning. How soon after will the posting show on zillow. Thank you.

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Steps I should be taking to prepare


I am a 26 year old stuck in the North East. Finishing up my bachelor’s degree and planning to move down to Florida (Delray/Boynton area) I am saving money but realistically wondering how much money I should I have in the bank to purchase a 2 bedroom condo/townhouse/home- and is it best for me to look at foreclosures? or just rent? I am also curious about the mortgage process and how much money I should have to go that route.

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Change price.

We are listed on zillow. How do I change the price?

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Award-winning Inspector Buddy combines robotics and …

According to Robert, “Inspector Buddy is the affordable telepresence robot that keeps property inspectors safe.” An inspector would use the robot to takes pictures and video that are automatically uploaded and attached to the …

Choosing a Louisville Home Inspector | Highlands Home …

It's without a doubt one of the single most important pieces in the home buying process, and something that typically makes both buyers and sellers a little bit nervous. The home inspection period exists in a real estate …

Home Inspection Scheduling Software | Inspection Support …

Every inspector must accept an inspection order in some form or fashion: yellow pads, basic document, a web form. Google Calendar and other digital online forms get the job done; but not efficiently. Scheduling software must …

When should I put my house on the market?

I currently live in Woodbridge, VA 22193. I am looking to sell my house in March of next year. I need to have it sold by at least August 2015. I am in the Military and and getting out of the service and will no longer be able to afford the Mortgage. My question really is, when is a good time to put it on the market to have it sold before August next year but I still need a good month to prep the house before going on the market. Thanks.

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Zillow has advertised our house sold, NOT!

Zillow is now advertising that our house was sold last year. NOT. This is a typo. the house sold was across the street, new construction. My spouse claimed ownership online and explained it was the wrong house. Zillow released her as the owner ‘because the house was sold’. How do we get this corrected? No one appears to want to claim responsibility and we know the city of chicago uses Zillow in their assessments. Our house is 111 years old and not worth 1.2 million dollars! 

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How would you approach a homeowner about buying his house if it is not listed for sale?

I see 2 homes that are older, one has an aging couple owning their home, the second may be a recent change in ownership.  I would like to gauge the interest for each to sell their home, but I do not want to offend and I certainly do not want to lose their interest if they do have interest to sell.

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