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Top Choice Home Inspections – InterNACHI

New brochure and business card designs for Top Choice Home Inspections have been added to the InterNACHI Marketing site:…e-i.

What is this worth

property in Evans, WA.   4.6 Acres water and power on land. No views, lot is next door to my house and I want to buy to combine with my 4.66 acres w/house . Since this is just land, what is the best way to buy besides cash?

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Why Should I Bother With A Home Inspection? – Trulia

This is the same principal with having a Home Inspection completed on the prospective home you are buying. A Home Inspection helps you become informed about the new property. A qualified inspector will carefully …

Pre-Sale Home Inspection | Just Imagine Idaho

You've most likely heard of the home inspection… but have you ever heard of the pre-sale home inspection? That's right. Home Inspections are not just for home buyers, they're for home sellers too. We regularly suggest the …

Cancelling my listing for sale

I have decided to rent my place at 1404 N. Desert Willow St.  so it is no longer for sale.  I’ve searched your site and find no place to cancel. 

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VA loans I am planning on retiring in 2 years can I use my VA benefits to buy

I will be making that home my permanent residence 

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Can I have a list of homes recently sold in Fishkill, NY

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Why is the wrong agent contacted with inquiries?

Out of curiosity I filled out the request for more information on the home I have listed for sale. Instead of the question going to me or my real estate agent it went to another agent. That agent had a robo-response inviting me to look at his properties instead of looking at the one I asked about.

I don’t want people asking about my property to be leads for selling other properties. It is a bad system for the home owner.

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Amerispec Home Inspection Services – Key Design Websites

Are you looking for an amazing home inspector? If you are located near Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Amerispec Home Inspection Services should be your next call! Buying a new home may be the biggest investment you'll ever …

A Home Inspection: Time to Get Under the Hood! » Coldwell …

Congratulations! Your offer has been accepted and you are officially in escrow. Now what? Usually the first order of business is to arrange your local home inspection. When you were house hunting, you were weighing so …