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CC score 640,19 -ve entries on my cc report.with 5% down can I qualify for conventional loan?

I have an FHA approval for $210,000 but condominium of my choice is in expired FHA approved status. FHA status expired few month back in 2013. Therefore my option is only conventional type loan. I know this is doable but the question is which lender can help? can all one recommend me or advise me in this situation. 

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How to Tell What is Really Important in a Home Inspection in Houston

In this interview, Travis from Southern Star Inspections and I talk about how to tell what's really important in an inspection and what isn't. When you're.

Plumbing Vent Flashing | Trebor Home Inspections

November 25, 2013 Plumbing Vent Flashing. leaking plumbing vent flashing. I find cracked and leaking plumbing vent flashings every week during my home inspections. I always wonder why the home building industry can't 

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Refinance to get rid of PMI?

I will start by saying that I work in mortgage servicing, so please be as specific as possible, I will understand just fine.

that being said, I have a question that my own Mortgage Insurance department was unable to answer for me. my wife and I bought a home about a year and a half ago. Home appraised at sale for $90,000 we financed roughly $73,600. We have about $71,500 left on it. we got an FHA loan on it, and we only put down 3.5%, so we had to have PMI.

first of all, I understand that this is only required when the LTV is greater than 80%, not the case with our loan, as we had roughly 22% equity in the property. I have been told that it is based on the loan origination and the UPB, not the appraised value and the UPB.

My question is, can I refinance and drop my PMI because of the equity I have in the property, or am I doomed to have PMI until I meet all the criteria?


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We had our home appraised in 2007. How much did the realestate market decrease since then.

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How do I get a ural to load the virtual tour? Loaded Adobe.

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I am trying to add photos and don't know where to drag the photos to..

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please delete the pictures of our home for the privace

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