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Why You Should Have Your Home Inspected Before Selling | Zillow …

home inspection Ordinarily, a serious buyer would pay to have a home formally inspected. The goal is to uncover any potential problems before signing on the dotted line, while there's still time to negotiate. But sometimes 

Is the MLS listings the only source realtors use?

I appreciate the convenience of doing a search with certain criteria on MLS to find what homes are on the market but is that the only way realtors find homes for their buyers? If so then I feel I’ll be wasting  that persons time. I’m searching for that ‘fixer-uper’ that is in a good neighborhood that is priced much less than the surrounding homes. That case allows one to fix it up with improvements & yield a profit… not just having the best house in a junk neighborhood. Doing a search of normal listings will yield a house in an area of other like-priced houses in a neighborhood that will not reward the time & monies put into that house. I would think professional realtors would have other sources available for those ‘not-move-in-ready’ properties.  Am I wrong?

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Not showing any income this year affect my credit score?

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Hello, I am looking for a real estate agent in Fremont, CA. Any help would be much appreciated!

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summerwood Subdivision in summerville, sc how much do homes in my area sell for?

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Animals, Skeletons, and Creepy Stuff Encountered During Home …

If you've been following our Facebook Page every day for the past four-and-a-half years, you've already seen most of these photos. Halloween seems like a good time to re-share these. Unlike most of our blog posts, this one 

5 Types of Property Inspections for Your Rental Home | Real Estate …

Whether you hire professionals to inspect your rental home or you do it yourself, there are different types of inspections that need to be performed on your rental property.

How to do a DIY home inspection

Here is how to do your own home inspection before buying a house.

Purchase options during a ch. 13

Are there any options for someone wanting to purchase a home during their repayment plan?

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Give up the fat naturally with Complete Coffee Cleanse

If you want to kick away excess calories blues then it’s time for Complete Coffee Cleanse. This is cleansing supplement but also helps one lose weight naturally via heightened metabolism, reduced cravings etc.

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