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Austin Area Home Inspectors | Sky Realty – Austin Real Estate

360 Home Inspections – Kenneth Larson – 512-751-5999 – Terry McRory 512-280-6900 – Nev Nicholson 512-328-0995 – Bill Deatrick – 512-636-6962. ♢ Third Coast Home Inspection – Craig Boarini – 512-293-6033. ♢ A to Z Home 

Are non-conforming loans still in existance?

I’m looking for a non-conforming lender in Indiana.  Not for a jumbo loan, but for a high debt to income ratio.  I am self employed (but a W-2 employee of my company) and even though I am making significantly more money this year than the previous year’s tax returns show, I can not get approved for the amount I want. With the new mortgage factored in I would have a DTI of 50% based upon previous years income.  I have a FICO score of 800 and have been in business for 11 years (never with a business loss).

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Do cash offers on bank owned homes get better sales prices?

Instead of going with a VA or conventional loan when shopping for a inexpensive home will a bank be more willing to reduce their price for a buyer with the cash in hand?

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What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-PPHJDMG?

What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-PPHJDMG?

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Will the banks consider my school loans if I'm still in school and not required to pay back yet?

I’m wanting to buy a duplex and live in one half but I still have one semester left before I graduate. I’m also planning on staying in school another 4 years for pharmacy school. I would like to know if they will pre-calculate my loan payments (from the amount I currently have borrowed) when I apply. I am also wondering if I would be able to use the other side of the duplex as income if it’s already rented when I buy. I’ve heard you can’t do that anymore but I don’t know if it is true or not.

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Home Inspection Advice | St. Croix Real Estate

Your home purchase is one of the biggest investments of your life, and it's important to know exactly what you're buying. The best way to ensure this is through a professional, thorough home inspection. (NOTE: While this 

I am desperate my home had been on the market for 6 weeks I lowered the price by 15000 we had a open

We lowered the price by 15000 we had a open house but no one showed up. . We have not had any showings and its been 6 weeks. We did lots of updates but still no bites. so frustrated and running out of options please I need advice. Here is the address 613 beery blvd union oh 45322

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Are there ANY locations that I can rent an apt/house that will allow Pit Bulls??

I am having a hard time being able to move to the longmont location or the safe zones in denver for pits. Does anyone know of a good source or homes and apts I can find that will allow my dog to come with me? Thank you so much.

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Association with 0 balance for Replacement Reserve Account

I am applying for investment financing on a property that I just found out the association has a $0.00 current balance of Replacement Reserve Account.
The bank just told me they cannot offer me financing.
How bad is this really? Would any other bank finance under this conditions?
I am concerned as I just purchased a property in the same building/association months ago but with a FHA loan and this information did not come afloat, apparentlynot required for a HUD property with an FHA loan.
Any help would be so appreciated?

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