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Inspection Deception –

The false claim that the health care law will force Americans to undergo home inspections began circulating online after an Aug. 13 post by blogger Joshua Cook was republished and mentioned by multiple websites.

How can I get out of my home that is in a mortgage dispute litigation? Attorney doesn't return mess

I just want to get out of the home at this point. It’s in litigation, and the attorney does not return my messages. I want to know my options, and want to know if I can just get out of it, and let it go.

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Open House 15860 Bonita Verde Ct MV

Open House 08-31-13 from 10:30-2:30pm at 15860 Bonita Verde Ct Moreno Valley 92555. listed for 320k, and is 5bdr 4 bath. Home is in gated community (HOA). Call Brad for gate code at (951)-358-9906.

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The Home Inspection | Open Books: A Poem Emporium

Before I even step / into this house / let me point out / something about / the foliage. / Those leaves on / that there bush / were new in the spring; / given it's late July / I'd say they have / two months tops. / I doubt they're

Why Home Inspections are Essential | Mortgage with Memories

Home inspections are crucial in the home buying process because they identify structural and systemic problems in a house that cannot be seen by the naked eye. In some cases a general inspection may not be enough, 

Obamacare troops planning home visits – WorldNetDaily

Bill Chumley, who proposed a bill to nullify some Obamacare provisions. His plan was to give the state authority to arrest federal agents for trespassing and make forced home inspections under Obamacare illegal in his state.

Getting jumbo loan with 10% down payment ?

Any experience or suggestion or thought ?How to get jumbo loan (600000 property. Value) with down payment of 10%

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Does is required to have reserve from lender?

Does every lender ask for reserve ?
If Yes, How many months reserve lenders ask typically ?
Any expereinece , thought ?

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Is a certified check seen as cash to a bank or a check?

I was approved for the a mortgage and I’m going to contract next week. The downpayment is a gift from mom but she’s getting a certified check. Knowing I cannot make cash deposits in my account until closing. Is a certified check looked at as cash knowing its guaranteed money?

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Can I buy a house in foreclosure before it reaches auction?

I prefer not to deal with the stress of an auction. Plus if I get it before auction would it help the homeowners credit.

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