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Get Your Free Report With Your Orlando Home Inspection

When you schedule your Orlando Home Inspection with AmeriHome Inspection Services, you will receive a Free Report Upon Request. If you are scheduling On-line, be sure to check "Free Energy Report" when placing your 

Milwaukee Home Inspection – The Smart Way to Buy a House | Right …

Some people think it's alright to forgo a home inspection. Learn why this is a huge mistake from Right Angle Home Inspections of Milwaukee.

What is the "comps" effect of a foreclosure sale, or other distress sale?

For a similar single-family home (location & attributes), what is the “comps” effect of (1) a foreclosure or other distress sale at much lower price, or (2) a “friend/family” subsidized, much lower sale price, that is a low “outlier” among prices that appear to be other normal commercial sale prices?  

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estimated rates USDA loan

How can I compare a rate or get an average rate on my own without calling a lender for a USDA loan? I know rates are published daily on Zillow and they give an estimate of average loan rates in NJ can I use that or is there a better way? thanks everyone

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Upkeep Your Own Home – Villa Home Inspections

Gutter Cleaning For both safety and financial reasons, homeowners should inspect and, as necessary repair, their homes twice a year. You want to be proactive and catch the small issues before they grown into big and more 

Home Inspection: The Step You Can't Afford To Skip | …

While skipping a home inspection step might be tempting, you may be sorry if you don't take advantage of seeing what's going on below the surface.

Marina del Rey Buyer's Home Inspection and Retrofitting – Trulia

Marina del Rey Real Estate BUYER'S HOME INSPECTION and Local and State Retrofitting Requirements. Marina del Rey, CA 90292 Marina del Rey, CA is a seaside city in West Los Angeles, CA. Real estate density are 

Loan broker cancelling loan a day before funding

Hey Folks –

I went through the wholes process and was planned to close & fund today for a 30 year fixed loan @ 3.5%.

The loaner broker I’m working with (found him via Zillow) told me yesterday that he made an error with the application and inadvertently locked in the wrong loan program, so he can’t honor the rate.

Questions I have are;

How likely is it that mistakes like this happen and don’t get noticed during underwriting and a lock extension ?

What are my options for recourse ?

Mistakes happen, but in this case the way they dealt with my lock extension, clearly there’s something else going on, am just no sure what.

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Would this be a cause for being concerned about a procuring cause issue?

I just fired my agent this past weekend. Four days later she forwarded me an email form a buyers agent (that email was sent the previous day-3 days after I fired my agent) asking for a second showing of my house-the original showing was 3 weeks ago and now that the house is off the market, I assume that they got notice and decided that they may now be interested in making an offer. IF they do make an offer, is this an issue of procuring cause?  I am unsure as nothing was in process, and any interest from ANY party was unknown prior to terminating my contract with my agent.I am fine to get another agent for the transaction, but do I need to kick it back to my old agent? 

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What other things could you do get a rental apt with a low credit score ?

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