Way back few years ago many homeowners around the country were being underwater, and as a results an enormous number affected homeowners have just decided to walk away from mortgage and their homes at the same time. It resulted to the increased of foreclosure properties in the market that reached up to 2 million according to NAR in 2009. This year that numbers climbed up to 2.5 million. With tons of foreclosure properties in the market together with the sluggish economy that we have been experienced right now, selling a property is not that easy anymore.   Here are some of the unique techniques on how your Real Esate Utah home be noticed in the market.

Let the radio talk – Do you heard of talking house radio transmitter? This is radio station that allows you to air your customized voice recorded message about your home features and inclusions. Many home sellers and agents are [currently

Apply Chinese philosophy of arranging elements – Try the power of Feng Shui in your home staging. Feng shui is the Chinese ancient philosophy of space arrangement according to special rules about the flow of the energy. The more the positive energy in your home the more it will makes home buyers welcome. Feng shui experts will improve the energy by rearranging each and every home element.

Take the auction route – They said that auction was just for foreclosed properties, it isn’t no longer anymore. Sellers are now choosing auction if they want to sell their Utah homes in a much faster and easier way. Moreover, they saw that selling a home through an agent will cost them the same or more, than by taking their home into auction.

Let buyers experience living overnight in your home – This is not a joke! But before you do this make sure to consult with your lawyer and agent. Allow those serious home buyers to spend a night in your home for them to experience how the life is living in there. Who knows maybe after that night potential home buyer will sign the sale contract.

The open house party gimmick – For the sellers holding an open house party will give them a lot of benefits. This will give them a chance to show off their Utah homes for sale to the invited guests including friends, relatives and friends of friends. 

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