I have a large manufactured home with 13 acres for sale-

My realtor said we had a buyer but now says buyer qualifies for a site home but not a manufactured home.?? What does that mean?? Can’t get a straight answer from realtor.

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I drove around a new development today and noticed many large RVs and Yachts beside the new homes.

While I would love to own a yacht and big RV, I am wondering about resale value on property where parking space for them is provided on the home’s land and they seem to be encouraged. Are there enough fans of RVs and boats to be reasonably sure that seeing many around the neighborhood will not lower future home values?  These were big and loomed over the walls of the homes.  The homes themselves were very nice on the outside and even had three car garages.  I’m from a carefully regulated town where boats, RVs and more had to be parked in special areas provide by the HOA. 

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Large Home Electrical Demand – InterNACHI Inspection Forum

200 amp meter and main breaker. One, full main panel, and two sub panels: one 100 amp for addition, one for separate A/C of 50 amps. Total of 1180 amps of.