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If you are buying a home that was vacant and then bought by a rehabber and fixed up there may be defects that no one knows about.

What To Ask Your Home Inspector Before Buying Your Home

This is why you should have a home inspection before you buy your home. A home inspection is an important part of buying your home. Before you hire a home inspector, ask candidates a few questions to make sure you hire …

Price Shopping for a Home Inspector | Preferred Home Inspections

Lately it seems I've been getting 3 or 4 price shopping buyers per week for home inspection quotes. I would like to address those who call around to find the cheapest inspector. First of all if they are not licensed with the State 

6 Tips for choosing a Certified Home Inspector

Most home buyers are content on letting the real estate agent choose for them. This could be good or bad. Maybe you will get lucky. Not all house Inspectors are the same. My recommendation is to get two or three Certified 

ARA: Looking for a certified home inspector in the Guilderland area …

I just put an offer in on a home, and it was accepted! The next step is the home inspector. The roof is old (25 years) and I want to make sure the house is thoroughly inspected. I've heard some stories about inspectors not 

Home Inspections Rochester NY | SLT Home Inspector

When searching for a knowledgeable and highly-recommended Rochester NY home inspector, you want someone who can offer a diverse selection of inspection services, at rates affordable on every budget. At SLT Home 

Being A Home Inspector And Providing A Inspection Service Is …

Home inspection is a procedure carried out by specialized house inspectors to determine the condition of the house. Its main role is to establish the condition of the various constituents of the house. For example, the inspector 

Your Atlanta Home Inspector Explains The Different Kinds Of Home …

Your Atlanta home inspector explains the different kinds of home inspectors. Any average home inspector won't be certified in every aspect of the home. Some parts of a home inspection require a specialist to come in.

The Top 10 Home Inspection Questions for your Home Inspector …

Nice job! You've put an offer in on a house and it's been accepted by the sellers. Now that you've done that, there is a seemingly endless list of things to do and you have very little time in which to accomplish them all.

JOB OPENING: Associate Home Inspector – Massachusetts …

Liberty Mutual Home Inspection is looking for a licensed Associate Home Inspector in Massachusetts. Excellent opportunity for the right candidate. If you have a.