2nd Opinion from Recent Home Inspection for the Buyer

I wanted to get some feedback from the group on a conversation I had with a colleague recently. We are both relatively new home inspectors and have.

Title insurance from Freedie Mac? Michigan

My agent told me Freddie Mac will provide tile search and insurance policy. Should I buy a separate title insurance policy, if so from same company or different? The home has had a lot of work done to it, can mechanical liens be filed afterward in Michigan and if so will I be responsible for them.

FYI – CASH PURCHASE OF HOME, not being financed athough FM is paying for home warrenty

I already had home inspection done,lots of minor things such as window glazing and screens. Handrails and misc. The most important repairs still needed are main powewr supply circuit breaker needs replaced, and new hot water heater.Also found post powder beetles,inspector said it wasn’t a concern but would recommend calling pest control co. for treatment.

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i have a bk from 2010.my score is over 700.i applied for a home equity which was denied.

the lender(b of a) denied it stating i have been late on my mortgage(never late on mortgage,in home since 98),the bk and previous past due accts.my credit report doesn’t reflect this and i explained this to them upon viewing it,which i always do. per trans union the lender enters info. into there own system which is how they arrived at there lower score. what can i do to resolve this?

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As I was foreclosed upon due to my husband's death from cancer. Is there any loan agency that will f

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Table of Contents from How to Run a Sucessful Home Inspection …

Default Re: Table of Contents from How to Run a Sucessful Home Inspection Business book. Is it totally new or the revised version of Conquer? If new send it on for my awesome and get back to the forum quick for the world to 

What are some basic pros and cons of buying a house from owner?

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Who gets more benefits from a home inspection – the buyer or seller?

There is no doubt about the fact that in NYC a home inspection offers a lot of benefits. The most interesting question is that who gets more benefits – the.

Interesting IR article from Infraspection's attorney. – InterNACHI …

IR Thermography – A Game Changer for Home Inspections Tip provided by: Robert J. Incollingo Attorney at Law 856-857-1500 www.rjilaw.com. Robert J IncollingoRecently there has been considerable debate among home 

How do you go about buying directly from the owner?

Do you need a realtor or lawyer involved in the process at all? Who pays for that? 

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i was worried about the family clause . does that prevent me from making an offer on my grandparents

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