how difficult is it to get a foreclosure?

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Offer accepted on short sale. Property went to foreclosure sale. How can we get in

touch with bank/owner, to continue the purchase of this property?

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How Long is the Wait After Foreclosure to buy a Home?

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Is the home at 13621 Redstone,= St, Lathrop still on sale under foreclosure

Is the home at 13621 Redstone St., Lathrop, still on sale under foreclosure?

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How to prove Foreclosure date for FHA loan when property is a Coop.

I had a Coop property in NY which got foreclosed on March 2011. Because of Coop, there is no deed transferred and no county record to show when the clock started. I got a 1099-A from IRS which showed date of Bank take over March/2011. My question is, how I can prove to FHA when the clock started when there is no Deed and Public information for it. My credit shows “Foreclosure initiated” dated March/2011. Lawyer from the bank is no longer in business and Bank is not giving me any information either.

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i would like to attend a foreclosure auction and i don't know what i need to do for that??

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VA Foreclosure cash sale as is low offer

I am considering buying a  VA foreclosure property. The property has been on the market after foreclosure since 9/4/13. (it was also listed for sale pre-foreclosure and pre-damage and did not sell). 

We have known all along that it was a foreclosure but found out right before we were preparing to make an offer on the house that the seller’s agent hadn’t disclosed that there was “freeze damage” This information was only disclosed after much prodding by our agent about de-winterizing the house for an inspection to which the seller’s agent replied “the water can not be turned on under any circumstances”.  The agent appears to have gone to great lengths to conceal this fact. (Listing mentions nothing about the damage and she still did not tell our agent about the damage even after finding out our financing was FHA). As traditional financing won’t work on this property, we could go the route of cash or we could go the route of an FHA 203(k) streamline loan.

Through some luck and a good banker, we are in a position to make a cash offer. The house is listed for $85k. The seller’s agent will not allow any de-winterization to determine the extent of the damage so it’s an as is, where is situation. 

The home has been on the market for almost 3 months now and the area it is located in is economically depressed. The house also can not be turned into apartments and it’s on the large side for a single family home. 

We strongly suspect that there haven’t been any offers (multiple price drops). How likely is the VA to take a low ball offer on a property like this? We are planning to offer cash and a fast closing, no contingencies. It will be a low offer though, 50% of the asking price. Does anyone have any experience with buying a VA foreclosure for cash for significantly less than asking?

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Loan Options – Have foreclosure from May 2008

I’m in the market to buy a home. I had a foreclosure in May 2008.
A couple of points to consider: 1) I won an award in the National Mortgage Settlement class action lawsuit filed by my State AG as the lender did not take any steps to work with me in avoiding foreclosure; 2) all other aspects of my credit, employment, income, debt-to-income ratio, etc. are “excellent” according to one Mortgage provider I’ve engaged.
I have approximately 10% to put down, so I know I’ll be stuck with PMI for a time.
This Mortgage provider told me I’m pretty much stuck with an FHA loan and the increased PMI and APR that come along with that.
Is this the case? Do I have other options?
Should I wait 1 year, 9 months to get the conventional (and maybe have the 20% down), take the FHA and then refinance into a conventional when I’m 7 years from the foreclosure? Other options?

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In a divorce,what happens if spouse does not change title for timeshare and it goes into foreclosure

Three timeshares were awarded to him, and they were all paid off, but he never paid the annual fees, so they are in foreclosure.  My name is still on the title, and I am concerned about how it will affect my credit score.

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Any condos in foreclosure in delair landing/ne phila pa?

Looking to purchase condo in delair landing/ne phila, pa & renovate to my taste. So far, everything is top $ & in 1970’s condition.(original) .Help!

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