want to sell my condo on my own without a realtor

What do I need to do?  Is it mainly sharing closing costs with the buyer?

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Where would I find someone to "STAGE" my condo for sale

 bdr, 2 bth, lvr/dnr combo, atrium, fenced patio, 2 car garage, golf course view
1838 Veranda Dr., Columbia Lakes,TX

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Are there condo open houses in Berkeley, CA area on Sunday, Dec. 1? If so, what and where are they?

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i already offered one condo..

i already offered one condo that is on short sale.

they want 115k for bank approve price.

so i offered 85k first then they count offered me 115k again.

so i count offered 95k this time.

but the zestimate: price is keep going down..

a month ago zestimate price was 99k but todays zestimate price is 85k

and the bank still wants 115k

is the bank doesn’t care about those things?

and recently were sold about 74k-89k in same condo area.

i thought short sale means bank is losing money and sell to another person

but this bank is so greedy and doesn’t even care about estimate from websites and comp.

can they still sell that condo for 115k even the zestimate price is going down to 85k? 

and  does care about recently condo sold 

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How do I put my condo on Zillow?

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Do I Need a Home Inspection on a Resale Condo … – RateHub.ca

The purpose of getting a home inspection on a resale condo is to establish any physical issues it may have that could indefinitely change your decision to buy the property or affect how much money you are willing to pay for it.

Bought a condo recently, seller never informed management, now management asking $4000 extra for rep

Bought condo from seller who never informed management.  Management now asking for $4000 extra for repairs to unit and administrative fees. We have yet to move in, that’s another story, but they won’t give us keys until this is paid.  Can they do this?

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Can you only purchase a condo with a FHA loan or can it be a house too?

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Buying a condo, does your lender require you to get condo insurance?

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Fannie mae clause for Condo loan approval

To get the condo loan approval for refinance, whether the entire project have to be completed? My condo was completed 2 years back in 2nd phase. but since the project is big, last phase will be completed in 3 months. I was told that I can’t refinance if the condo project is not complete.

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