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If you are buying a home that was vacant and then bought by a rehabber and fixed up there may be defects that no one knows about.

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Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of Zillow. Many real estate agents and home sellers focus on staging, cleaning, and painting a 

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This article discusses the limitations on a home inspection and why the buyer is the one that has to do the hard work, get cost estimates, and come up with a total budget for rehabbing a property so they best protect 

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Here's a guide to the roles and responsibilities each of the players has during a typical property inspection.

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Each week, the Structure Tech team posts new home inspection photo on the Structure Tech Facebook page. After poring over all the photos from the last year, here are our favorite home inspection pics from 2012.

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When buyers are only concerned with the price of a home inspection, they have already made an assumption that all home inspectors offer the same thing, and they assume they're comparing apples to apples. This just isn't 

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HOW TO CHOOSE HOME INSPECTING COMPANY. You might call it a home for a very long time. Therefore, you need to get the best out of the inspecting company. It is investments where you will spend a lot of money thus 

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Take a look at what you can expect from your Milwaukee home inspection service at Right Angle Home Inspections. Call to schedule your inspection today!

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Not only will you want to have a home assessment done for your own sake, and peace of mind. But many lenders will require that you've a property inspection before they'll proceed with the loan. The lending institution has as 

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Need a home inspection in New Jersey? Check out InterNACHI's listing of New Jersey certified home inspectors. Or, find a home inspector anywhere in the world with our inspection search engine.