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IBR student loan repayment plan and mortgage


I am in Lancaster Pennsylvania and me and my wife are looking to buy a home.  I keep getting a run around about my IBR student loan repayment plan.  I am paying $0/month and have been for 2 years.  My fedloan document shows a payment of $0 for 142 months.  It has been suggested to put them into deferment for 12 months but I am not doing that, I work at a school so with 10 years of payments my loans will be forgiven.  
I keep hearing they need to calculate 1% which is $660/month and I know this is BS and if it is not, it is wrong.

Any suggestions or good mortgage companies near me that can help, know IBR plans and won’t screw us over with lies?


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No showing in the first week, can you take a look at my listing in Georgetown, TX?

We’ve been on the market for a week and have not had one showing. Houses in our neighborhood tend to sell rather quickly. We are priced slightly higher than the comps because we are on over 1/2 an acre and back to a dry creek bed and have no visible neighbors. Unfortunately the house across the street just went on the market. It’s priced significantly lower (at $325,000) but really that’s only a difference of $5ish dollars a square foot. Here’s the link to that house: Here’s our house: What do you think the issue could be?

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How do I remove a listing from Zillow?

I listed a house at 406 North Tarr St., North Baltimore Ohio  45872  The house sold, and the closing was last week (sold for $50,000).  I would like to remove the listing.

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How any photo's can be uploaded?

how any photo’s can be uploaded

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Does Fannie budge in the BPO price?

I’m trying to purchase a Fannie Mae shortsale. Fannie Mae countered my original offer of $255,000. The counter is the full BPO of $290,000. My agent suggested countering back $260,000. She says typically Fannie wants to net 80%. Has anyone had a similar experience? I’m having s hard time finding a home. It has been months. I can’t pay the $290,000. I won’t have enough money for all of the major repairs the house needs. The good news is Fannie seems to respond within 3-4 business days. The bad is my current home closes in 10. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Can my landlord charge more than fair market rent

I own a business and rent the building. I got locked into a high rent amount 5 years ago which is my fault for not doing the research in the area. I’m approaching the last 6 months of my lease and I don’t want to renew so I’m selling my business. Every person that has been interested has been scared away from the high rent amount. My real estate agent did his homework and found we are $9 a sq ft over fair market(I’m paying $26 sq ft. The avg is $16-$18 sq ft) My current buyer wrote a check for 3 years rent at the high end of the fair market rent in the area. They are refusing that offer too! I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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When are inspection reports due? | Florida Home Inspection …

I do not know if this is coming from the realtors or from the inspection industry. i do know that many inspectors will deliver reports on site or within an hour of getting back to their office. Those reports are basically not more than …

Home Inspection Marketing Ideas – Inspect Mania

Home inspection marketing ideas is what comes to mind when inspectors realize business is slow. And if things are a little slow for you, here are a few home inspection marketing ideas to help get your telephone ringing.

New Jersey Home Inspection Committee Has Approved the …

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