Here is is: My Listing

I thought there would at least be some interest instead of 0. I just hear crickets instead of my phone ringing for showings. I had it as ‘Make Me Move’ until yesterday because I didn’t know that prevented the MLS from updating, but now that is rectified. I was really expecting some showing to be scheduled for this weekend.

I had 4 to 5 people/agents call me before it was on the mls just when I had it as ‘make me move’, but I wasn’t ready to show just yet so I’m surprised I’ve had nothing now that its listed on the mls.

I thought that I had priced it below many of the other homes listed in my area as well, but I guess it is due to the price? I don’t think I can get very much lower. I really really really tried my best with all this.

Does anyone have insight?

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