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Free Home Inspector Marketing Workshop in Indianapolis …

Free Home Inspector Marketing Workshop in Indianapolis, Indiana February 24, 2015 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM In this free workshop, we'll do the "15 Steps to.

Citizen & Foreigner

Hi, I wanted to know if it’s possible for a US citizen to buy a house together with a foreigner? In case is possible, how does it affect mortgage rates? Thank you

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my boyfriend and I just got licensed. been door knocking, Got Listing Appointment Set! now what?

I don’t have money until I get a sale to join Realtors association. Do I have to use C.A.R. forms for listing agreement? The gentlemen also said his last agent paid for professional photos, I said I would too! (I think it got me the appointment) Will I need a form stating this agreement between us? any other forms than just the standard Listing Agreement form?! Can I just put on a combo code lock box? Thanks!

Soooo excited! I’ve been working hard learning to lead generate. Now it’s time to learn to close!

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Jumbo Loan for 10% down in California

I am interested in a $1.2 million house in the Los Angeles area.  I have $130k in cash for down payment, my annual income is $220k and credit score is 821.  The lender I spoke with says that I have to put 20% down, otherwise I cannot qualify for a loan.  Is that correct?  I know they used to do 80/10/10 – is that not available in the current market conditions?

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I'm having a problem with pulling comps can anyone really help me? I'm a new investor…

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New FHA purchase, but my rental property is an FHA Loan

Hello:I purchased my home through an FHA loan back in 2010 and recently started renting the home out. I’d like to purchase another home sometime around October of 2015, but would need to use an FHA Loan for that purchase. The home has about 30% equity and I’m kicking myself for not converting it into a conventional loan while it was owner occupied, but am looking for solutions outside of an investor loan. Any suggestions on how to make sure I can qualify for another FHA purchase without increasing my current 30 fixed rate (4.375)?Thanks in advance, Bobby

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Appliance Recall Check Bergen County NJ | Home …

That's why every home inspection performed by Aurora Home Inspections in Bergen County, NJ includes a complimentary check of all your appliances to ensure that none of them are on the recalled list. Click here to sign up …

Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board Approves …

InterNACHI's "90-Hour Pre-Registration Class for Home Inspectors" is approved by the Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board ( AHIB # PR-2014-08 ).

How can I get away with putting minimal down with a house with good equity?

I’m not sure i labeled the questions correctly but essentially my wifes parents are giving us a little over 2 acres of land to build a house on (appraised around $150k). They’re going to pay for the house to be built and then I will take out a loan for whatever the cost were to build the house itself and repay them. We have a budget of $75k give or take that I COULD put down but i would rather not. I’m find with paying $100-200 more a month to be able to hold as much cash as possible. I’m in sales and you just never know when that cash will be needed to make ends meet if something happens with your job. I also have about $40-50k in equity in our current house but want to try and rent it out as the current rental prices are about $1000/month more than my mortgage. 

Not sure if this will come in to play but in case it does…

Monthly income – $15k
Monthly Debt – $2000
Cash on hand – $75k
No auto loans
No credit card debt
Credit score is 740

Thanks for any info!

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how to make an offer on fsbo

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