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IG Report Findings Could Strengthen Nursing Home …

Federal efforts to strengthen inspections of the nation's nursing homes are gaining momentum after a government probe uncovered instances of substandard care. The March 3 report by the HHS Inspector General found that …

Real estate loans for repairs

I am very interested in purchasing a foreclosed home that is sold by Freddie Mac. The outside looks great, but the inside needs some work. Basically, the previous owners took everything including the kitchen sink, literally. The home is going for $99K from $170K in a gated community. It has 2 stories with 5 rooms and 2 bathrooms in half an acre lot. I will probably tear down one of the concrete walls to make a bigger room, replace some broken windows, install toilets, sinks, cabinets, and yes the kitchen sink. My estimates (pulled out of my hat) are about $40K.

The real estate agent told me that a 203K loan was my best bet, but I would like some advice on other types of loans that might benefit me.

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Explain CDC fees

Looking to buy in Florida

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I posted a For Sale listing on Zillow but don't see it coming up.

When will I see the posting I did on a For Sale on Zillow listing.

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Are there any bank owned properties in Camden County NJ

I am looking for a bank owned property in Camden County for a non profit organization.  I need space for 5 bedrooms 2 -3  baths and space for 2 offices.

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Home Inspections For Condos –

What's the difference between a home inspection and a condo inspection? We give you the low down on what to expect.

Terrible Septic Tales | TK Home Inspection

There was a Loud Suction Noise… Recently I dropped off a radon test a few days before the inspections and verified the location of the septic lids with the seller. She stated that it is an aeration system and the lids are in the …

Youthful And Beautiful Glowing Skin


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How do i list on Zillow a home/farm by owner

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Need to move asap, how can I get one on one help?

Lived in current rental for 81/2 years, house foreclosed, I have three weeks to move.
Looking for 2-3 bd, 2-bath, with one walk in shower, have small Bichon Frisse 10lb lap dog.

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