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I'm refinancing my mortage, why am I paying a mortgage recording tax again??

Hi I live in broklyn and I’m refinancing my mortage and my closing costs are estimated at around $13k!! Half of that is the NY Mortgage recoding tax. I remeber when I bought my condo I paid that NY Mortgage recoding tax at my closing was about $6000! So hence my question: I’m refinancing my mortage, why am I paying a mortgage recording tax again?? And everytime I decide to refinance, will I have to pay that damn NY Mortgage recoding tax each time?

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Can I send a list of my favorite homes from Zillow to my real estate agent?

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Tiny House

I’m interested in building or buying a tiny house, cottage, or small home that is around 800-1000 sq. ft. in San Jose.  Where can I get started in obtaining one?

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can uploaded photos be rotated?

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over 60 living rentals

My wife and I are seriously thinking of moving to North Carolina- Conway area and we are looking for 3 bedrooms, dog friendly, 2 full baths and possibly activity for young couples in their middle 60’s like a swimming pool, work out are , activities etc.
any help you could give to us would be appreciated
my cell phone number
is 419-690-2457
we are currently renting now and looking in the 900’s for a monthly rate.
I came across a housing development but was not thinking of the time to save it
 Thank you
Dale McBride.

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Home Inspection Report Reference Guide

Reference Guide to Home Inspections. … Home Inspection Report Reference Guide. Published September 22, 2014 | By Tripp Kivett · spring house. Click here for the: Home Inspection Report Reference Guide. View Report …


how to I place an ad on Zillow? to sell my home, im going to sell by owner, no realitors involved

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selling my two family home using zillow

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When can a property undergoing renovations be refinanced?

I have four-plex that’s undergoing renovations. The upper units are done and move-in ready and the lower units are being worked on (gutted and being drywalled). The property is 65%-70% complete. I’m doing the work on a slower pace; therefore, I’m another 3ish months away from full completion. I was hoping to refinance it earlier if possible. The property is paid off and I intend on a cash-out refinance. Would I be able to start the refinance process now or does it have to be fully complete?

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Home inspector recommending…… – InterNACHI Inspection …

Home inspectors should not be recommending wall anchors, inside systems or tell people to raise and slope the grade when the homeowner has exterior cracks or bowed wall etc but as usual, few listen, few give a shtt and …