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New free logo designed for Badger Home Inspection …

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The shocking truth that many blood

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how do i add a house for sale by owner on here

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Burns away your excess body fat

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Empire State Building's Deep Energy Retrofit a model of …

If you live in the Virginia or Washington, D.C., area and are interested in assessing your home or property's power consumption needs, schedule an energy audit with leading home inspection company Alban Inspections!

Family faces DHS home inspection for using cannabis oil to …

THE government is demanding to inspect the home of a Victorian couple who have been treating their sick son with cannabis oil.

Home Inspections Bergen County, NJ | Licensed Home …

Top 3 Reasons Home Buyers Need A Home Inspection. Friday, August 22nd, 2014. Before the sale of a house is made final, homebuyers have a right to ask the seller to disclose and possibly repair any problems with the home. Many issues …

Is it possible to buy a million dollar house in santa clara county with 5% down payment

My husband and I qualify for a million dollar home based on income but we only have 5% saved for the down payment. Can we get a mortgage with just 5% down?

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Are all the houses for sale also for rent possibly

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Is it customary/professional for agents to ask prospective tenants/buyers to print documents?

I’m working without an agent to rent a commercial warehouse space and the landlord’s broker is asking me to print 3 copies of the lease to sign and mail to him with the security deposit.  This is almost 70 pages on legal paper; by the time I’m through it will be time to go out and buy a new ink cartridge for my printer, not to mention the legal paper to print it on and my time.

Is this standard practice?  Why should I have to print a copy of the lease for every party when I only need to sign the signature page?  I was thinking of printing one copy to have returned to me, and then two additional copies of the signature pages for the broker and landlord and telling him to print the rest.

I have experienced this another time when my sister was buying a home and was being asked to print a long document on legal paper, and had a heck of a hassle trying to get the pdf to print correctly on it.  She finally gave up in frustration after much wasted time and paper and called the agent and said he would need to print it for her.

I’m curious to hear some brokers and agents thoughts on this.      

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