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New Free Logo Design for Sleuth Home Inspection …

Here is a new logo designed for Sleuth Home Inspection. Logo and marketing design services are a FREE InterNACHI membership benefit.

Who is in charge of your web site? Check it out, it's messed up.

Your page is messed up. You should check it out because after the 1st page the others will not load.

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New member ….as of today 5-25-2014.

2013 at the age of 61. I like to keep busy and apply myself to problem solving. I decided to become NYS Home Inspector. I received my NYS HI license in March 2014. I also hold State of Connecticut Home Inspector license.

Michigan Property Inspection-New Home Inspection Part 1 …

In this episode, Rebecca and Paul Bossenbroek of Michigan Property Inspection,, look at the exterior and roof of a house for a new home buyer. For more: Be Sociable, Share!

Appraisal vs Home Inspection | Appraisal Precision

When purchasing a house, there are two, main inspections that typically take place: One is an appraisal for the purposes of lending and the other is a home inspection for the purpose of peace of mind. Do not mix the two up.

Stated income mortgage

Due to fluctuations in my income year to year and being self employed, I am looking for alternate doc/stated income mortgage loan. Is there anyone that offer this type of loan. Thanks.

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Max Credit Cards to Pay Collections?

My husband & I are trying to buy our first home as soon as possible. We are in with a mortgage company that is willing to lend to us, but they say that we need to pay off the old collections accounts on our credit report in order to get an FHA mortgage. We are considering maxing out our credit cards to pay off the old collections accounts. We will be able to repay the cards within 2-3 months. Would this be a wise or a poor decision, since it would drop our score because of high limits, but would remove the bad debts?

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Why You Need a Home Inspection | Ganger Property …

… your dream home you lose sight of the reality of the situation. Take a minute to blink the sparkle from your eye and learn about the one step that could save you from costly repairs in the first few years home ownership: a home inspection.

Moving to Denver without job lined up, but with decent savings

I’m looking to move to Denver from Chicago in early July when my lease is up, but I don’t have a job lined up.  I’ve had steady employment, graduated in an in-demand field a few years ago, good rental history, better than average credit, and enough in my savings to live off of for about 1.5 years.  I anticipate finding a job fairly quickly in my field, but many places require local candidates only.

Generally speaking, how willing are homeowners willing to rent to someone without a job but a decent savings?  I’m currently excluding apartment complexes from my search, due to verifiable income requirements.

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Why did Zillow alert to a house for sale when 1428 N. Lincoln Spokane WA is NOT for sale?

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