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Title insurance from Freedie Mac? Michigan

My agent told me Freddie Mac will provide tile search and insurance policy. Should I buy a separate title insurance policy, if so from same company or different? The home has had a lot of work done to it, can mechanical liens be filed afterward in Michigan and if so will I be responsible for them.

FYI – CASH PURCHASE OF HOME, not being financed athough FM is paying for home warrenty

I already had home inspection done,lots of minor things such as window glazing and screens. Handrails and misc. The most important repairs still needed are main powewr supply circuit breaker needs replaced, and new hot water heater.Also found post powder beetles,inspector said it wasn’t a concern but would recommend calling pest control co. for treatment.

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Offer accepted on short sale. Property went to foreclosure sale. How can we get in

touch with bank/owner, to continue the purchase of this property?

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Mortgage broker in IL…

Looking for someone who can do FHA (preferably) or conventional in IL – naperville area – who can work with credit score of 610 for me and 650 for spouse. Had foreclosure in 2011. Looking for 325K house with 5% downpayment. DTI of 41% 

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how to list my home for sale on Zillow

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Hollywood, FL | RMI Home Inspection Services | Inspections …

Before you make that purchase, make sure you have a thorough inspection. At RMI Home Inspection Services in Hollywood, Flo, they do residential and commercia… Reblogged 6 hours ago from

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I have two realtors and it's time to say goodbye to one. Etiquette question?

I have two realtors in two different towns and we are about to put in an offer on a house in one of these towns.  Therefore, it’s time to say goodbye to one.  What is the most respectful way to do this?   I know you are wondering why two?   We asked the first realtor, the one we are needing to part with, if she could show us homes in both towns.  She said she didn’t know the market in the second town and therefore, did not feel comfortable with showing us homes there.   So we called a realty in that second town and we were able to find one and look at houses there. We have looked at houses in both towns with both realtors.   We have found our home in the second town and we need to tell the first realtor.    We did tell her that we had been looking in the other town, so she was aware.  How do we break ties?  What is the etiquette or proper way of doing this?   Thank you.

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Is the make me move price the whole price for the house?

What is the make me move price? Is that the price I would have to pay monthly?

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Can you run a condesing furnace exhaust vertically

Shelby Home Inspections Romans 8:28. Charlotte Home … top of chimney and chimney in basement not sealed at all, this will allow cold air drafts and critters into the home increasing energy costs – the mound of mortar …