The island of Puerto Rico is a very popular tourist destination because of its location, rich history and warm atmosphere. There is a US federal Court System and the local laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico adhered from old Spanish laws from the country of Spain. All property transactions are adhered to and transacted in the old Spanish laws including the property registries. The island has a wide selection of real estate from residential homes and condos. There are areas of Luxury Homes throughout the Island. You will find many commercial properties including retail, multi-family and industrial warehouses. There is still plentiful supply of land to purchase including commercial and agriculture throughout the island. Feature properties around the island are cliff ocean view homes and beachfront homes with panoramic views. There are central mountain homes with ocean or lake view homes, some with both. There is a Urban metropolitan area mostly around the cities of San Juan, Carolina and Guaynabo with high end buildings offering accessible public transportation, walking distance to shopping areas, malls, beaches and cultural arts centers. The Rural areas mostly found in the central and south end of the island offers beautiful Caribbean style homes built on large parcels of land. Puerto Rico is a unique island with many real estate opportunities lower end property taxes than most of the other Caribbean Islands, more airports and sea ports than other Caribbean Islands, more US banking systems and franchises with excellent infrastructure.

Puerto Rico offers a vast selection and lower price range real estate within the Caribbean. Puerto Rico also offers many benefits and tax exemptions when buying Puerto Rico Real Estate.

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