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forclousure houses in stroudsburg

i am interested in the forclosed or sherrif sale homes here

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Will the value of homes near the new mall go up? If so when?

Will the value of homes near the new mall go up? If so when?

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How to get a loan to buy a home ?

Discharged bankruptcy 15 months ago I have saved 20 percent for a down payment

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Has anyone went through Assist 2 sell when buying a home?

Found a home we liked which was listed by an assist 2 sell agent never really heard of them before so curious

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What to Know About a Home Inspection – Trulia

By Michael NierNier Building InspectionsP: 404-277-6612E: codecertified@bellsouth.netBuying a home is going to be the biggest purchase you will make. A home inspection, is the best investment you will make. It is better to 

Comparing two GFEs… at what point in the process must we choose?

We are working to buy a larger home as our primary residence, and rent out our current home. 

We have two year’s rental history on this home for 2011 and 2012, but we moved back into it in 2013 to be closer to family and to fix it up.  Lender A said we cannot count what the rental income will be on this home because we are currently living in it, and because we have less than 30% equity in the home.  Because of this, we have a very high DTI and can’t qualify for a Conventional loan.  He said we qualify for an FHA loan, but we have to pay off our car loans and therefore deplete our reserves…

Lender B is claiming that she can count rental income on our current home, we don’t need to pay off our car loans, and we don’t need to show reserves in the bank.  She says she can get us into a Conventional loan. 

My question is are lenders really so different in their requirements? Or is Lender B blowing smoke? 

Can we fill out loan applications with both lenders and see who – in the end – can actually give us the better deal?  I realize we would be having to pay for two appraisals, but if we don’t have to pay off our car loans and can actually get a Conventional mortgage we would rather do that… 

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Why is the info in Zillow regarding my rental home not matching the Postlet?

Zillow shows the rent to be $50 less than asking price.  It also shows that cats and dogs are allowed.  They are not.  In addition, the previous owner is listed as the contact.  The description for the house is identical to what I have in the Postlet.  How do I get this corrected?  

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What is a Home Inspection & Is It Required in Snohomish County?

Inspections typically take a few hours, depending on the home's size, and follows with report containing inspector notes, digital pictures and recommendations. Inspections allow buyers the opportunity to understand a home's 

Home Inspection Ohio Green Living Tips

Your home inspection Ohio company Accutech Home Inspections offers green living tips for our clients and friends. Reducing air leakages in your home can save lots of money and take some of the strain off the environment.

What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-DCFDZCY?

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