We have carefully chosen two of the top agents (from the same firm) in our area after a LOT of research. One we interviewed at this time last year. That agent wanted to list at $140k in hopes of selling around $135k.

The other we interviewed last night (Yes, I realize a year has passed and the market has changed), and she wanted to list around $157k with the hopes of selling around $150k. She has over 20 years of experience and tons of awards and sold over 100 homes last year.

The other agent is newer to real estate, but also sold over 100 homes last year – is also located closer to us than she is.

Has the market really changed that much in 1 year??? I’m afraid to list with the career agent even though she has a great reputation, because I never thought in a million years our house would sell for that much, after what the other agent told us last year.

I’m so afraid to sign with the wrong agent and waste spring market. Should I contact the agent from last year and ask them to come back out and give us prices again?

Both of them based their list prices on comps (obviously). She focused on price per square foot of the other homes recently sold in our neighborhood. The agent from last year focused more on similar homes in the area and their final sale prices.

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