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What is price/percentage reduction for new homes requiring sewer pump system ?

Assuming a reduced value, marketing problem, if new home must have an uphill sewage pump system.   Potential buyers would be inclined to choose another home…..if no substantial price reduction.     Inclined to think twice before buying new high end home that required a sewage pump system……as compared to normal gravity drain system.   Opinion please:  “What should be percentage of price/value reduction w/ pump system ?  Thanks. Thomas, 

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Why does Zillow repeatedly refuse and ignore our requests to correct the home value?

We have repeatedly contacted Zillow to notify them of the error related to our home.  They have ignored us since we first notified them in November 2013 that they had our home listed twice, each with very different home values.  The one home was showing up with really low value due to Zillow showing home at 2400 sq ft instead of the 3244 st ft. Even after we corrected this on their site, Zillow still refused to fix the home value.  This has severely affected our ability to sell our home

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Mortgage rate lock

We have recently locked our interest rate and after a week now the rate is really low. Can we contact our loan originator and ask him to revise our rate ? or we are bound by a original higher fixed rate

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I posted my rental on Postlets but can not show up on zillow.

I active my rental post on Postlets but nothing show up on the Zillow even after five days.  Please advise.  

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Brandon Home Inspector Reports Double Tap | Madison MS Home …

Double tapping is a term used to describe a condition created when two or more electrical connections are made at one terminal or breaker. Although commonly found, it is recommended that each conductor or service wire be 

Home Inspections Prevent Surprises | Tips for Buying Home Austin

Home inspections prevent surprises and help prioritize repairs. Tips for buying home Austin. Realtors specializing home buyers Austin. Cost, best practice.

In TN if a home inspection was not met, but seller … – Zillow Real …

Buying Process in the US – In Tennessee, if a Home Inspection date was not met, but seller allowed, without …

I want to list a comercial rental on zillo

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how do I list a comercial rental in Albuquerque N M

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weight loss tips and supliment

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