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How to get approved for loan after bankruptcy?

My husband had to file bankruptcy a year ago due to a hardship which included getting involuntarily (but honorably) discharged from the military for parental purposes. So now we can not find anyone who will finance us. I have a good credit score but have been unemployed and unable to find work.

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Can an email be binding

I made an offer on a home. The seller responded by email they he would execute my contract on two conditions. I agreed to the conditions by responding to the email and made sure they were met. After not receiving a signed contract and continuing to contact the seller, we received a note that said “i decided to go with a better offer with secure financing”. Was the seller’s first email that he would sign the contract be binding?

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What can I do for a realtor to approve my rental application with bad credit?

I am active duty in the Navy and transferring to Nashville, TN.  I have been looking at several homes and have already been turned down due to my credit.  I’m getting really nervous because we are due to move in 2 weeks and still aren’t any closer in finding a home to rent.  What can I do to get a realtor to just give me a chance?

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Canada's Top Home Inspection Firm 'A Buyer's Choice Home …

A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI) is putting the finishing touches on a remarkable 2013 filled with several dozen office openings and increased revenue growth across nearly all its markets.

I recently cosigned a mortgage loan for my son in law. The lender did not give me a copy o

Am I legally entitled to a copy of the mortgage loan docs I signed at closing?  Is it legal to only make a copy of these docs available to one signer and not cosigner? 
What obligation does the mortgage broker have to keep communications between  these two co-signers confidential?  We are not co-owners of property.

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How can I post a picture of my home for sale

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What To Do After Your Home Inspection | House Detective: Making …

The House Detective: by Barry Stone, Certified Home Inspector Dear Barry: We are buying a house. The home inspection is scheduled for next week, but.

What property taxes do I have to pay at my Jan 31 closing?

My mortgage provider and realtor are in dispute on what will be due in property taxes when I close on my first home in Philadelphia Jan 31 next year. The bank says I’ll only need to prepay two months of property taxes into escrow and that the remaining monthly escrow payments from March through December will cover my property tax liability at the end of the year. The realtor says I’ll have to pay a full year of property taxes at closing. This is a potential difference of almost $3k that I wasn’t prepared for so I’m a bit concerned. The loan is a 5% down conventional with a maxed out 3% seller’s assist in the contract.

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Real Estate Agent Courier Fees

My agent had a Agent-Client contract, and I paid a refundable $250 retainer fee that would be returned 1 week after closing. We just closed on our house. She is now saying that she is deducting all courier fees paid since becoming our agent from the retainer fee. This was not stated in the contract, and she never told us that sending documents to the seller etc. was our expense until she was supposed to return the retainer fee. She never stated anything would be /deducted from the retainer fee. Is she allowed to do this? Does this sound right?

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For Sale By Owner, What is involved?

Want to sale my home, doing it ourselves, to save on fee’s?

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