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Public input sought on experiences with home inspectors – News

VICTORIA – The B.C. government is inviting input on an improved regulatory model for Home Inspectors.

Is there legal recourse against an agent failing to deliver my signed acceptance of a counter offer?

I recently made an offer on a property. I was asked by my buyer’s agent to send a photo of a deposit check and sign a purchase agreement, which I did. She then immediately sent those documents to the listing agent. When we had not heard a response in over a week, my agent called the listing agent to ask what was going on. He claimed he had never received the photo of my check. (My agent has proof it was sent.) He had not even submitted my offer, and never informed us of any supposedly missing paperwork. When he finally did submit the offer, the seller countered. I accepted their counter, and immediately signed a new purchase agreement. The listing agent stalled again, and did not inform the seller for another two days… during which another offer came in. The sellers accepted this offer. If this agent had not stalled twice, unprofessionally delaying the entire process, we would have had a signed agreement before the other offer was made. Do I have any legal recourse against him? Just looking for some opinions, which may be more informed than my own, before I contact a real estate attorney. Thank you very much for any information.

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Partnership Between U.S. Department of Energy Building America …

Optimizing the Home Inspection Process to Drive Energy Efficiency and High Performance – A Partnership Between the U.S. Department of Energy's Building.

Are there condo open houses in Berkeley, CA area on Sunday, Dec. 1? If so, what and where are they?

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What if you rent an apartment and on the closing day the buyer backs out?

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Home for Dad

We are considering buy a home for my 82 y/o dad.  He is currently living in a remote location that is 40 minutes from a 911 response and 4 hours from us.  We live in an adult community in Salem. A home for Dad in this community will probably be in the $150K range. He will get some cash out when he sells his current place and I have and 800 credit score and enough income to help buy a house.  Would it be best for Dad to buy or rent?  Would it make sense if I bought a house and used some of his cash form the sale for the down-payment?  How can we work together to buy a house without creating a tangled mess when it comes to settling his estate with other family members?

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What is the "Zillow Rental Network"? Are they realitors who charge a fee?

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Housefax Teams Up with Residential Listing Portals — Property …

The average home inspection costs about $500 for a current condition assessment. Including a homes' background adds value to home inspectors' reports, and saves them time from researching multiple sources to 

What Home Inspectors Don't Tell You – Steven Silva Team

Getting a Home Inspection when you buy a home is very wise. Unfortunately, Realtors and Buyers can rely too heavily on the Home Inspection and be surprised after they close and move in. Even if you use a Registered 

How do I edit or withdraw a rental listing

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