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Why a Seller can Benefit From an Early Home Inspection | Jabuka …

Why a Seller can Benefit From an Early Home Inspection. Posted by Jabuka Home Inspections on Sep 23, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments. One of the most common ways to sink a home sale or lower the bidding price is a surprise finding in a home 

saw a house for sale 380 6th street, santa cruz,ca. Can you tell me what it is selling for?

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new business card design for Sur-Lok Home Inspections – InterNACHI

A new business card design for Sur-Lok Home Inspections has been added to the InterNACHI Marketing site:…e-inspections/

Hi, I saw some properties that were priced as low as $2000. Why is that.

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My phone number is marked as fraudulent and I am unable to re-list my property for rent. Help!

I currently list my house for rent. yesterday i noticed and reported someone posting a fraudulent rental listing using my property address + a fake apartment number for half the monthly rent. Zillow took quick action to remove that bad listing, which i appreciated. But they removed my rental listing as well (I am the owner). how did this happen? now my phone number is marked as fraud and I can’t even relist it for rent. This is really frustrating.

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Will a door to the back yard add any value?

We have a rambler that we bought knowing it needed some TLC.  We’ve been making improvements over the last few years keeping in mind we will eventually sell it.

One big functional thing we have been struggling with is there is no access from the house to the back yard.  In order to get to the back yard we have to go out into the garage and out a back door from there.

We have a open floor plan with the Living room, dining room and kitchen all together and a large window that is need of replacement.  We could easily turn that into a sliding door without really ruining the flow or function of any of the rooms.  We got a bid for the work and it’s doable for our budget, but it’s money taken away from other must need projects (bathrooms, carpet, etc).  

We are still probably a year away from selling and my wife sees this a huge functional need being home with two young kids.  While I agree, I can’t seem to really wrap my head around if it’s “worth” it.

When we go to sell will that help value at all (or keep from a significant detraction)?  When we bought the home I didn’t really notice nor think it was a big deal, but my wife says it was always a big concern with this house when we bought it.  What do you guys think?

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When Should You Request A Home Inspection? | Allen Tate Blog

A new home has come on the market and it seems perfect. It has the desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms and exhibits the charm and character you'd hoped to find when you started your home search. But with the real 

I have a townhouse I want to move from but it is worth about 30k less than what i owe. What are my b

I have a townhouse I want to move from but it is worth about 30k less than what i owe. What are my best options other than renting it out to free up that income to purchase a better home?

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A Good Home Inspection Can Avoid Headaches, Save Money …

Posted by: Guild EDGE, Author. Experts in the real estate industry advise homebuyers to have a professional inspection of a property before they sign the sales contract to reduce the odds of future headaches and the potential 

Loan Options – Have foreclosure from May 2008

I’m in the market to buy a home. I had a foreclosure in May 2008.
A couple of points to consider: 1) I won an award in the National Mortgage Settlement class action lawsuit filed by my State AG as the lender did not take any steps to work with me in avoiding foreclosure; 2) all other aspects of my credit, employment, income, debt-to-income ratio, etc. are “excellent” according to one Mortgage provider I’ve engaged.
I have approximately 10% to put down, so I know I’ll be stuck with PMI for a time.
This Mortgage provider told me I’m pretty much stuck with an FHA loan and the increased PMI and APR that come along with that.
Is this the case? Do I have other options?
Should I wait 1 year, 9 months to get the conventional (and maybe have the 20% down), take the FHA and then refinance into a conventional when I’m 7 years from the foreclosure? Other options?

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