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10 Things Home Sellers Should Do to Prepare for Home Inspection …

From The Home Inspector. A home inspection can be a stressful time for home sellers. Most people are proud of their house, and don't want someone pointing out imperfections in the home they love. In addition to being 

When does a seller remove his personal property?

I have put 25,000 earnest money on a 330,000 purchase. I am told that we will close, I will pay the remaining due in cash and payments are made. Then 3 days later the seller will remove the personal property that he is taking from the house and turn over possession to me. In my home state this is not the correct sequence of events since the seller is protected by the buyer’s earnest money, but the buyer has no protection for the 3 days after closing and receiving possession of the house. Is this the correct sequence of events for Colorado?

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What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-CXXDQXB?

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Is there a template available to make an offer on a house. This is a "for sale by owner" situation.

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(Moved): What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-CXXDQXB?

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Common Home Inspection Myths Debunked (Infographic) | Legacy …

Whether you are buying or building a new home, it is a great idea to get a home inspection done and it's often required as part of the process depending on | Legacy Lending Group, Inc.

Real Estate Market Heats Up, Home Inspections More Important …

With the real estate market heating up again, the importance of home inspections is swiftly moving to the top of the priority list for buyers and sellers alike.

How do you most accurately measure the Total Square Feet of your home?

There have been two additions to the home I own, so the original square feet estimates are inaccurate. What is the best way to measure total square feet?

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Sequim Home Inspector Busy

This Sequim home inspector is busy of late with increased home sales, and scheduling can require more time for a home inspection these days. Chuck Bishop of Bishop Property Inspections is shown in this photo explaining 

Sellers did not disclose problem. Who is responsible?

We have a contract on a 5 year old townhouse. Settlement was supposed to be on Friday but it didn’t happen because the buyer for our home’s loan was delayed until probably Monday. The sellers let us take possession anyhow because we had the movers scheduled and the furniture delivery and they just moved into their house.So we moved in on Friday evening….the water had been turned off so we called to have it turned on but it was so late that we decided to go back to our other house and shower. On Saturday I was cleaning the kitchen and my son yells up from the basement that there is water dripping down from the ceiling. I look under the sink and everything is all wet. Later I am upstairs cleaning the master bathroom and in front of the walk in shower the sellers had left a rug in front of it and when I picked it up to throw it away it was soaking wet. I then opened the shower door and the whole track on the bottom is rusted. Also under the rug the flooring is discolored. We then called the sellers agent and told her about the kitchen sink leaking and the shower door leaking and she said “well they let you move in” and had an attitude about it. She then agrees to call her plumber and said he would come over. He found that the kitchen faucet was bad and need totally replaced. He tried to fix the shower door but said it needs all taken off and adjusted & fixed and put back. He said that it had been leaking for a really long time and that the shower door doesn’t shut. We had a home inspection and none of this was found. I looked and his website and Facebook are no longer working. The plumber said that the sellers had to have know about the leakes which is probably why the water was turned off. So my question is after all this is who is responsible for paying for the repairs? The seller, the sellers agent, the inspector or us? Settlement is supposed to happen tomorrow so any advice would be greatly appeciated! Thanks.

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