If own an investment property, you understand the importance of keeping the property maintained.Whether it is a leaking washer or an issue with the structure itself, these can swiftly become nightmarish in proportion and you may not have the skill needed to manage it.

This is why wise investors hire real estate North Shore letting agencies to handle all of the dirty work.Before you make a choice between your agents, it is important to know if you want to hire them for just their leasing skills or manage the whole project.  Understand the difference and choose the right service package to protect your investment.

Let-Only Services

Let-only services are designed to help investors fill vacancies in a timely manner.If you are a property owner in NZ, be careful to set your purchase price correctly to ensure that you get good people applying to lease it.  Let-only real estate North Shore professionals will help you compare the market so you can price your property right.

To ensure only the best and safest people become your tenants your agent can make sure that one they have shown people through they are also qualifying them.  After the lease is signed, you are left to handle any issues that may arise.

Full-Service Property Management

Full-service packages include everything you would find in a let-only package and more.  When you pay for this package the real estate solutions firm does not leave you high and dry after the lease is signed.  The team will handle inquiries, service requests, and emergencies.

Your agency can take care of rental monies and then send them to you in the manner that works.The team that are managing your property will take care of the tenants and this means that they are far less likely to leave.  If the tenant leaves, the management team will stage the property and get it ready for listing when it has to be re-listed.

Investing in rental properties can be profitable and very stressful as well.If working directly with your property and tenants does not appeal, think about getting an agency to sort out the leasing for you.This is a service that you can afford and will also mean that you make money over the long term.It can be costly not to have your real estate people take care of your flat or rental house.

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