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Disabled Bathrooms

Disabled bathrooms safety is increasingly important as studies show that more and more people are having accidents in the bathroom. This is almost certainly due to shiny flat surfaces and scattered water. You also tend to use the bathroom without shoes and therefore good foot grip than most other rooms in the house. It would be sensible therefore to take some simple precautions when using your bathroom.

Disabled bathrooms are a great shape for a small bathroom or to optimize space in any bathroom. These tubs can be set up on a pedestal, allowing for a deeper tub and requiring less square footage. The longest side of the tub, the side not in the corner, is typically the traditional 5 foot length or shorter, but still the depth allows for a full grown man to completely submerge his body.

Disabled Bathrooms

Disabled bathrooms of course are not just any old bathroom chair used for stylish effect or to store your clothes whilst you wash. In this case I am referring to a specialist piece of equipment specifically designed to sit in the shower enclosure securely. With suction pads on the feet of the chair, or at the very least rubber stoppers to ensure the chair doesn’t slip unexpectedly.

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An easy precaution is to purchase disabled bathrooms. They are inexpensive so should not trouble your household budget too much. They can be lightweight as at the cheap end of the market they are made of tough resin which is strong, water repellent but also light. And they can be stored away easily. Many designs of shower chairs are fold up which means that when the chair is not in use you can simply fold it up and store it away in an area of the bathroom which does not make it an obstacle.

So don’t forget, there are simple and straightforward steps you can take to minimise the risk of accident in your disabled bathrooms. When it comes to prices versus effectiveness choosing the shower chair option is one of the best.



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