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Popular Kids Christmas Gifts

Throughout the years, these big toys have been making waves in the collectors item category and has made noise eversince the movies began showing in theaters all over the world. Transformers fans, both young and adult, have been drooling over these action figures for years now. Enter, popular kids Christmas gifts Ultimate Optimus Prime.  Collectors, kids, action figures fans or wanna be collectors couldn’t be any happier with this amazing action figure. The leader of the Autobots at his full battle gear, ready to take on the Decepticons, and also shine out in your display cases.

Ultimate Optimus Prime

Popular kids Christmas gifts Ultimate Optimus Prime can completely amaze younger children with how big it is, but put adults in complete awe with its details. Its massive and complicated design is indeed a look to reckon with. With careful reading, patience, and researching online, they can transform the bot up to three modes; the Trailer mode, Robot mode and the Power-Up mode. That is something they’ll definitely look forward to. This hot christmas gifts this year comes with three AA batteries that is required to make use of the cool features like the launching missile audio, battle blasting noise and glowing lights.

popular kids Christmas gifts Ultimate Optimus Prime

Here are some of the features of popular kids Christmas gifts Ultimate Optimus Prime:

  • The wings are durable.
  • Several different poses.
  • The blaster weapon is carefully hidden inside the trailer of Optimus Prime, which he can use when he is ready to use the Power-Up mode.
  • 22-inch tall
  • 3 double (AA) batteries
  • with easy to follow manual
  • The action figure is for children 5 years older and up but looking at the market of Transformers, fans ages 20+ are the main purchasers of this toy. 
  • The assembling can be quite challenging.

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The challenge in building it up will also build up their excitement in seeing the final form. You’ll love the sounds and lights this figure displays. Wings can snap on and off with an ease to change the look of Prime. There are several poses to choose from, so you don’t need to limit yourself to just one Optimus Prime pose. Adults and fans of Transformers can’t deny just how exciting owning this figure really is. Kids can enjoy it as much as the collectors. The popular kids Christmas gifts Ultimate Optimus Prime is one toy that falls into the fun-for-all-ages category.

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