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When you do your bank reconciliation, you can then see exactly why you have overdrawn your account. You should do this by checking your listings in your check book by your bank statements each month, or at least once a quarter. You can easily do more clean up my credit often if you wish as most banks allow you access to your account information online any time you want it for any time period you wish. Look at what you have in your records and what the bank has listed, and then do your bank reconciliation accordingly.

Your first step in tackling the bad credit history problem is to get a copy of your current credit report. By law, you are entitled to one free credit report each year. Look it over and determine that every item listed belongs to you. Identity theft is so commonplace now. If you find debts listed that are not yours, address them immediately. You are allowed to insert a statement in your credit report, disputing debts which don’t belong to you. The creditor must provide proof of the debt within 30 days. If they cannot, the alleged debt must be wiped off your credit history. 

While our government has furnished billions of dollars to bail out banks and corporate giants, you and I are left in the clean up my credit shadow dust. The banks and ailing corporations are now doing just fine, thank you. Corporate takeovers and bankruptcies are now de rigeur. The bottom line is that we taxpayers are left holding the bag, being forced to pay off these irresponsible debts for generations to come.

But that employer is hardly the only one; there are so many people now with bad credit history, their conditions brought on by all the foreclosures and the unemployment of the past two years; and more and more, employers, both governmental and private,  are using credit background checks to make sure that they don’t have anything to do with employees with bad credit. There is a reason they say why your credit history should matter. They just believe that the more you are in trouble financially, the more you will be tempted to swindle the company, to embezzle, to accept kickbacks or indulge in unwholesome financial practices instead of clean up my credit.

A bill consolidation loan isn’t for everyone, but it might be able to provide some relief for those of us a little behind or looking into clean up my credit scheme. There are a couple of things to consider when looking for a bill consolidation loan. First, home equity can be a great source for a bill consolidation loan. Your home equity is the difference between its current fair market value and the amount left on your mortgage. This is the equity or debt-free ownership amount on the house. If your home value has increased markedly over the last few years, a bank might recognize that your asset is worth more than what you paid for it and will lend you some of the balance. Obviously, using your home equity for a bill consolidation loan won’t work for everyone – if your home has gone done in value – don’t do it!

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