Suicide intervention expert Richard Carlson interview by Fox News Shepard Smith on speculation the Coronado mansion death of billionaire girlfriend was murder or suicide.

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Coronado Detectives Investigate Suicide or Murder

In an interview with Fox News Shepard Smith retired San Diego police negotiator and author of I’m In The Tub Gone, Richard James Carlson explained why detectives might find the suicide of a billionaire’s girlfreind found bound hand and foot, nude, and hung by the neck from a rafter difficult to believe.

Carlson said women of Asian descent are generally modest and likely to be concerned about the way their remains would be found, and surmised that the method of displaying the body in such a manner could have been done as revenge, or "to send a message."

See the full interview below. To preview Carlson’s book, a collection of suicide letters he collected in his years of work with the San Diego police department go to http://www.RichardJamesCarlson.com



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