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Better Sleep PillowCervical Water Pillow Promotes Sleep

Restore your energy. Freshen your appearance. Soothe daily stresses.

Doctors and patients rave about the Better Sleep Pillow saying this natural pain relief water based pillow is the way to beat insomnia, eliminate neck pain and get a good nights sleep-
5.0 out of 5 stars If six stars were possible … I would rate a ten!, January 2, 2007
By  Working Poor "JD" (Nor Cal) – See all my reviews
These are hands down, the most awesome pillows, we have ever owned. They were originally suggested by a chiropractor at $60 per pillow, however at the time, a "water bed pillow" for $60 just sounded silly. What brought me back around to these pillows, was the year-long search that my wife and I had been on for the perfect pillows. One of her beloved cats managed to destroy our previous and quite comfortable pillows, which subsequently caused us to get caught up in the frustrating search for the perfect pillow. We spent a year, buying this pillow and that pillow, all to no avail. Then one day I rolled the dice, and bought a pair of these pillows with the covers. The covers actually make the dish. These are the most comfortable pillows that I have ever slept on in my 42 years on this planet!!! These pillows rate 10 stars!!! Just follow the directions and enjoy the best nights sleep you have ever had. I do not work for, nor own this company, although after using their product I wish I did!!! Our pillows are about three months old so far, and Waterbase Pillowsholding up exceptionally well. They recommend you change the water every six months or so, depending on what type of water you put in. The pillow is about half to three quarters cushion, with the water being the bottom layer. They seal tight and do not leak. There is no audible sound from the water in the pillow, as if you follow the directions, they will instruct you on how to expel excess air. These pillows and of those Black & Decker scissors, have to be my two best finds for 2006!!!
Clinical study conducted at Johns Hopkins Hospital shows this therapeutic cervical waterbase pillow improves the quality of sleep!

  • Provides outstanding comfort and support for the head and neck. Instantly adjusts to changes in sleeping position.
  • Reduces neck pain, relieves associated headaches, improves quality of sleep.
  • Thermal insulator fully encases the water layer to prevent body heat from being drawn from the head, neck and shoulders.
  • Super-soft, hypoallergenic DuPont polyester fiber top layer. Fill with tap water.
  • Personalize for soft, medium and firm support. 3-year-year warranty. 20×28". Fits standard or queen pillowcases.

Clinically Proven to Promote Better Sleep

Restore your energy

    * Improved quality of sleep reverses the negetive effects of fatigue.

Freshen your appearance

    * Enhanced sleep helps rejuvenate the skin to ease wrinkles.

Soothe daily stress

    * Sustained sleep is associated with improved coping skills and ability to manage stress.

Designed to promote sleep


CD-ROM inside!

How to Improve your Quality of Sleep


Top 10 Sleep Tips, from leading Medical Sleep Experts

Higher quality sleep helps you look and feel better…and Mediflow® has been clinically shown to improve quality of sleep!

Adjusts to fit you perfectly!

Simply fill the water base as directed, adjusting the amount of water to the degree of support you prefer.

Therapeutic, patented Waterbase design supports your head and neck while responding to changing sleep positions!

    * A cushion of hypoallergenic polyester fiber rests over the water layer for luxurious comfort.

    * Thermal insulator surrounds the water layer.

    * An easy-to-fill water base provides gentle, responsive support all night long.

    * Jumbo Size 20in. x 28in. (51 cm x 71 cm.) Fits standard and queen pillow cases.

Johns Hopkins Hospital clinical study ranks Mediflow BEST over all other pillows tested!Johns Hopkins Study Results

Clinical Study     Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

How fast subjects fell asleep     Best

How few times subjects woke up     Best

Overal quality of sleep     Best

Johns Hopkins Hospital Neck-Pain and Quality-of-Sleep Study- Conclusion: Proper selection of a pillow can significantly reduce neck pain and improve quality of sleep. Published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation- Volume 78.)

A trusted name in the quality of sleep.

Over 2 million people trust their sleep to Mediflow!


Complete with funnel, filling and care instructions inside.

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