Short Sale Power Hour

Fred and Coach just got done with an event in Scottsdale with a Bank of America executive, hosted by Brian Gubernick. This episode is for all of the specialists out there that don’t take the time to inform themselves, trust everything they read and listen to what negotiators say.

In the present day, with all of the changes going on in the short sale business, nothing is ever what it seems. Secondly, you need to get your cranium out of the sand and construct your own decisions.

What we found today, listening to the Bank of America supervisor, is that lenders do not truly know what they are doing any more than the real estate realtors. So, if you ask ‘How” to do anything you are instantly disempowered.

As real estate specialists, we have to be more committed to learning our craft. This is not a game that you fly into simply to try it out while ruining twelve home owners lives. You need to understand what a deed in lieu is, what a loan modification is, what a trustee auction is, and dozens of other things.

It was awfully apparent that the Bank of America executive wasn’t happy with the real estate community either. There are too many real estate agents that are misinformed or just plain lethargic. Get the factual details from people that are checking the sources or verify the sources yourself! Real estate realtors, we love you. Still, it is time to lift up our profession.

We’ve got a special offer for you. If you go to, you can get our 12 hours of teaching for a significantly reduced price. Please inform yourself. It is time to take the real estate vocation to another place. Also, just because you are well-informed, that doesn’t mean you have learned to think for yourself. Nothing is ever what it seems.

Short sale FAQs and more.

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