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The newest gov’t program intended at aiding home owners has recently been announced. In the news a couple days ago was a piece of information concerning this new program and unemployment. Hopefully you can learn something from this new program and the details behind it.

Starting July 1st, property owners can start applying for the HAUP program. HAUP stands for Home Affordable Unemployment Program. HAUP provides house owners a forbearance of monthly mortgage payments, either reducing them or suspending them for at least three months. If you don’t know what forbearance is, it basically stops payments.

The fascinating thing about this is that it is linked to unemployment. Paul Jackson wrote an interesting piece of writing about the remarkable shrinking unemployment rate. It seems that, the unemployment rate fell in May from 9.7% to 9.5% in June. It is one of those figures that makes you scratch your cranium. You have to wonder what happened to the 652,000 unemployed Americans that disappeared. There are some interesting devices the government uses to conceal unemployment records.

In the near future, I think you will hear plenty about how things are getting better. The media and the government will possibly be telling you how things are getting better. Actually, there is a excellent possibility that things will get poorer. You can look at the active inventory in the Phoenix area or chat about penny property sales.

There can only be so much writing on the wall before you recognize that things aren’t as they seem. Clearly there is a desire to get good information out to the public. Nonetheless, much of that information is fabrication. We want things to get better, but lets be candid about what we are facing, so that we can mend things.

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