There are things you can do to avoid the foreclosure notices from appearing in your mailbox. Getting one is usually attributed to getting behind on your mortgage payment, but you can take steps to avoid losing your home.

You should speak to the bank long before you are several payments behind. When you know you will be late, start a conversation with your lender. This is the best way to avoid foreclosure, since they will work with you to keep you from defaulting on the loan, but time is of the essence.

At the point that you do get the notice of default, you can lose your home. This is generally given about 3 months after you miss a payment. Many banks do send a letter of intent, and if you get one of these you have about 15 days to make the payments to stop the foreclosure proceedings from starting.

If you do get a notice, then you can talk to the bank. They can work with you to set up a a partial repayment schedule of back rent along with the current payments or even a modification to the mortgage to stay in the home and still be able to pay for it.

You will be kicked out of your house if you do absolutely nothing. Sometimes this can happen in as little as 90 days. It is also a good idea to make a point of attending all the hearings, since it may be able to slow down or stop the foreclosure. This gives you a chance to speak to the judge and tell your side of why you have defaulted, and it may work in your favor.

You can find help from a foreclosure specialist, since there are several things you can do to stay in your home and they will be able to help you do this quickly and easily. Many of these can be found online and they can help you start the process of keeping your home very quickly. The point is to make sure you take some kind of action as soon as you know so you can keep your home.

Foreclosure notices do not have to be devastating and it does not mean you even have to lose your home. You need make an effort to avoid the process and clear communication with the bank can be a key element in not losing your house. Take action as soon as you know there is a problem, and you can save your home and credit.

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