Short Sale Power Hour

Today was unique as Group 4610 got to meet a special guest. Jay Papasan is the co-author of the Millionaire Real Estate series of books and the head of Keller Williams University. Essentially, Jay is an expert at best practices in the real estate business. Many of the books that he has written focused on the shared qualities of the top 27 real estate agents in the nation. Keller Williams University does much the same by teaching real estate specialists. By interviewing remarkable people who have discovered success in a range of areas of real estate, Keller Williams University takes the best practices of a few professionals and teaches them to all specialists.

In his investigation, Jay has found a few things to be veritable in relation to short sales. 1st, it is difficult work but it is very pleasing. Two of the most satisfying things a real estate specialist can do are help people discover their first residence and help people save their house from foreclosure. So, the short sale is well worth the struggle.

Secondly, the skills that make you a quality sales person may not be the same skills that you need to close short sales. So mull over either getting some instruction in short sales or take on a person that can carry out short sales for you. You can also think about referring your clients to someone more practiced in short sales. In this way, you would be keeping your customer and aiding them at the same time.

In summation, if you have a longing to get into short sales, Jay recommends that you first get well-informed in the short sale routine. There are some great mentors out there. Kevin and Fred offer one of the finest classes accessible to learn the short sale process.

Short sale FAQs and more.

Get powered up by Kevin and Fred at Short Sale Power Hour by the Short Sale Specialists of Arizona

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